Highland Bagpipe Accessories
Pipe Bags, Pipe Bag Covers, Silk Cords, Mouth pieces, Drone Valves, Reed Protectors.



Silk Cords


Quality silk cords for Highland pipe drones.

Velvet Bagpipe Cover with Zip


Velvet bag cover for Highland pipes with zip at the bottom for easy access to pipe bag.  All bags have a white silk trim.

Tone Master Drone Valves


Achieve perfect strike ins and stops with these top of the range drone valves.

The valves are pre-set and should not need any adjustment prior to use but adjustment can be made but moving the small stop up or down the elastic loop to get the desired pressure.

Polypenco Mouthpieces for Highland Pipes


Sizes  140, 115, 90 mm

Polypenco Blowstick


Includes mouthpiece and imitation ivory mount.

165mm from bottom of mount to start of where mouthpiece sits.

Thistle Shaped Reed Protector


Polypenco false stock to protect your reed when your chanter is out of your pipes for drying or transportation.

Fits any chanter as it's secured with a screw.

Bannatyne Hide Zipper Pipe Bag


Bannatyne hide pipe bag with the zip at the side of pipe bag. Four collars, metal fixing ring and water trap.

No need to tie in.

Bannatyne Synthetic Zipper Pipe Bag


Synthetic pipe bag without the weight of the hide. The zipper is located on the bottom of pipe bag providing a more direct access to drone stocks giving easier fitting of moisture control systems. Four collars, metal fixing ring and water trap. Maintenance free. No need to tie in.

Bannatyne Plain Synthetic Pipe Bag


Simple, maintenance free and air tight.

Needs holes cut and to be tied in.

Bannatyne Standard Synthetic 4 Collar Pipe Bag

Standard sythetic pipe bag without the weight of the hide or the zipper. Simple, maintenance free, easy to install and air tight.